A Video Review of a Boss

You have seen product reviews. You have seen company reviews on GlassDoor. Have you seen a review for a boss? That too a video review?

Being in the marketing education space, one of the primary things that I teach my students is to be more expressive. That doesn't mean one has to show emotions. It can be a stoic way of expression through writing, or through a well-thought-out talk.

Divya Kothari, one of the students of the Batch 2 of my Internship program, joined our team. It has been more than one year he has been working with us and he just published a video review of me as a boss.

This came after I took him to my farmhouse for 3 days. We had an opportunity to talk and spend time talking about the long-term vision of LearnToday.

This gave me an idea. I could do podcast episodes with my team members and talk about their experience of building the dream with me.

I will probably start a series of conversations with my team members. Such things can be done when you are not rushing growth. It gives a deeper understanding of how your team perceives your vision and makes sure they are aligned with the founder's vision.

Deepak Kanakaraju

CEO, LearnToday.com