Finclave 2022 by Classplus: A Review

Finclave 2022 by Classplus: A Review

I just came back from Mumbai after attending Finclave 2022 by Classplus. It was a wonderful event and a much-needed one after two years of lockdown.

The event was hosted by Classplus for all the financial influencers. YouTubers, course creators, and personal brands who talk about personal finance, stock market trading, investing, and the who's who of the industry gathered there.

Some of the notable influencers were PR Sundar, CA Rachna Ranade, Ananth Ladha from Invest Aaj for Kal, and Sharique Samsuddin.

I also got an opportunity to meet a few people I already know well, like Digital Pratik and Raj Shamani.

With P.R. Sundar

The event had very good vibes, and touchwood, everything went well.

With CA Rachna Ranade

All the influencers were very inspiring.

We look up to them on YouTube and think they would be unapproachable. But most of the influencers and very humble and down-to-earth people in real life.

We would've never gotten to know that without Classplus creating the event. Cheers to the person who came up with this idea. All of us are indebted to you.

I also had a chance to have good conversations with Classplus co-founders, Mukul and Bhaswat. Got to know about what Dr. Ravi R. Kumar does (and Googled his net worth!).

Me, Bhaswat, Mukul and Ravi

Biswa made the audience laugh. He is one of my favorite stand-up guys. (Watch Sushi by Biswa Kalyan Rath on Prime Video, if you haven't already, you will fall off your seat).

With Biswa

Adding cream to the cake was the event location and the hospitality by the Classplus team.

The whole team was on their toes to make sure that everything goes smoothly in their first big event. And they made sure it did.

Special thanks to the Classplus team including but not limited to: Aakash, Ravi, Aman, Praveen, and Prateek.

One of the best things about this event was that it was not a Gyan session. It was more of networking and fun panel discussions. No one had any speech prepared and it is best done that way.

The Open Networking Session

I look forward to attending more events like this.

Having said that, we are all focused on our craft and it is time to get back to deep work.

All the recognition and fame at such events happen because of the work that happens behind the scenes. Work feels more energizing and motivating now after the event.

Deepak Kanakaraju

P.S. The stay was supreme at Four Seasons and this beautiful view of the Worli, Mumbai Skyline from my room on the 26th floor cannot go unmentioned.