Find Your Craft

Find Your Craft

You work more, earn more, buy more.
You want to expand. You want more.
Takes time, to know you've been misled.
False propaganda, you've been fed.

You realize, the more keeps fading,
And you never stop trying.
Years pass, the boredom sets in.
It's not enough, all that you've been.

You look for more, forever searching.
You try to find, what can give meaning.
All you got, is more boredom.
For nothing, gave up freedom.

Time to shed fat, from body and mind.
Your craft, it is time to find.
For better or worse, the art you raise,
Will be worthy, of the world's praise.

Your craft, made for you.
Made for each other, you two.
Spend a life, mastering away,
Making it better, every day.

All you want, is to master it more.
Nothing else, matters anymore.
Keep searching for your corner in the world.
There is one for you, the conviction you hold.

~ Deepak