The Boy and The Hungry Dragon

The Boy and The Hungry Dragon

There was a boy who was strolling in the forest. He found a small dragon. The dragon was cute. It ran around him and the boy felt that they were made for each other.

The dragon was hungry. The boy got something from his pocket to feed the dragon.

As soon as the dragon started eating regularly, it started growing. As it was growing, it was not as obedient as it used to be when it was a kid.

It would throw up sometimes trying to eat too much. The dragon also started walking slower. It was lethargic, moody, and always hungry.

The boy realized that no matter how much you feed the dragon, it is going to be hungry and always wanting more.

The boy had a harsh realization. If he lets the dragon grow without discipline it would spell trouble for both of them. The dragon will grow out of control, destroy the boy and self-destruct.

Now the boy has only one option.

He has to grow stronger along with the dragon to tame it and feed the hungry dragon in small quantities.

The dragon is going to grow into one of the most ferocious beings on planet earth. But only if the growth and the dragon's behavior can be controlled.

The dragon is never going to die of starvation. But it might die of indigestion.

As he is starving the dragon, he is using the dragon's slow growth to make sure he grows stronger himself to be able to tame the dragon.

A few years go by and the dragon has learned to behave itself, control its hunger, and grow slow.

One day the dragon will grow into something majestic. And it will do the boy's bidding. No one else but the boy would be able to control this dragon. Because he has tamed the dragon through the years with patience.

That boy is me.

That dragon is my startup.

The food the dragon eats is the capital.

Overfeeding the dragon leads to unhealthy growth and indigestion.
The boy cannot control that. Nor wants to.
Let the dragon, and the boy, take their time.

The capital from cash flow is a healthy diet.
The capital from debt, not so much.
And the dragon, nor the boy wants capital from equity right now.

No one is starving, and no one is impatient for growth.

They don't need money.

They need time.

Leave them alone.