The Present

One day I am pulled to the past,
One day I am pulled to the future.
Some days I am in the present,
And I wish the presents lasted longer.

The only thing you can ever have,
Is in the here and the now.
The present is waiting to be taken,
Why do we always hesitate?

Why imagine the past,
When bygones are bygones.
As if there was a way to choose,
Between parallel universes of past decisions.

Why imagine the future,
When it is not here yet.
If only just waits and does nothing else,
The future will eventually become the present,

I realized why the mind swings,
Because the mind hates the present.
Thinks about how it could've been,
Thinks about how it could be.

The beauty in the present,
If only one can see.
The past wouldn't matter anymore,
Neither would the future.