WinnerTakeAll - Traffic Performance Report

WinnerTakeAll - Traffic Performance Report

I started this blog in January of 2022. Since then I have written 55 blog posts on this blog. I thought it was time to have a review on the traffic and readership performance so far.

If you have been wondering how much traffic and readers I get, here you go:

The blog has attracted 46,000+ unique visitors so far since January.

Where did the traffic come from?

I have been promoting the blog posts on my social media channels and email list. The traffic from my DigitalDeepak email list accounts for most of the traffic.

Organic social traffic is 10,000+ which is great. My LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages have driven most of the traffic. I have never paid for the traffic that comes to my blog.

Organic search traffic is less, but still, 1500 visitors (mostly via Google search) is not bad at all considering I have not been writing for keyword targets. When you keep posting content, you will have enough keywords matching with the content and people find their way to the content through search.

The main focus of my blog is to convert cold audiences into warm audiences by giving them contextual and relevant content over a period of time. So blog subscribers are important.

The blog has 1,100+ subscribers. It had 3,000+ subscribers, but I keep removing the inactive ones. So the ones that you see here are highly engaged readers with a minimum of 30% open rate.

It has seen some good growth in recent times.

My goal is to get to 10,000 active and high-intent subscribers by end of 2023. Since I am not making any direct revenue from the blog, I would like to keep the growth organic without any paid advertising.

The posts have been having a very healthy open rate. Each post is sent out as an email newsletter. People who open the emails read it, but they may not visit the blog.

If the open rates go lower than 30%, I would delete the inactive subscribers. With time, I will be left with only the highly active subscribers. And I would want to write only for the regular readers.

The blog has been attracting most of the visitors from India, followed by the US. Around 3% of the visitors are from the US compared to India.

Within India, these are the top cities from which the traffic comes. Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi are where most of the readers come from and they are equally distributed. Then we have Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai.

Note that analytics cannot track all the visitors, so this is just a sample, but a good representative sample of the overall traffic.

I love the Ghost blogging platform because it combines blog features with email newsletters. It is the perfect Subsstack+WordPress combo.

Hope this post motivates you to start your own blog. Writing is therapeutic, clarifies thoughts, and is also great for building your personal brand and network.

People get reminded of your existence through constant repetition. But the repetition of the brand comes via the rails of useful content, not irritating ads. Even if you write one blog post a week, that would be 52 blog posts in a year. In 10 years you would have 500 blog posts.

Serendipity happens when you blog. People take notice. Opportunities come from strange routes which you never thought possible. Remember, the best known will always beat the best.

Deepak Kanakaraju